Temptation from above

By August 24, 2020 December 25th, 2020 GENERAL, VILLA

There is always that surprise. How will a color work out? Because, the world of color is really different from that of space and form. Less predictable, more connected with feeling, emotion and intuition, despite all theoretical models about color.

Light as a fourth dimension
According to lighting designer Alexandar Rublek, light is the fourth dimension. I fully endorse that! Pink is a color that you are careful with. You cannot imagine or predict what will happen when you apply this color. You can feel that, you have to dare.

And then .., it can suddenly happen. The color speaks, radiates. Temptation comes from above!

Here we see VILLA at Mad Giant Beer brewery, interior design by Haldane Martin. Photography by Micky Hoyle26, adapted by Hans Strijbos.