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Lartura is a design studio in the Dutch design tradition, located in Almere. Lartura designs, produces and sells exclusive designer lamps in small editions for modern interiors.


What Lartura designs is handmade in our own studio. The footprint of the collection is kept as small as possible. This is done through a conscious choice of materials, a sophisticated production technique, the careful handling of residual material and the innovative use of 3D printers.

Design process

Lartura strives for perfection, innovation and beauty in every design. For Lartura, design is more than an elaboration from function to form. Stop here would be to simple. Only when a design demands its own space is it ready for our customers’ interiors.

Hans Strijbos

The creative heart of Lartura is Hans Strijbos, founder of the studio and designer of the collection. He worked for some time as a designer for Bang & Olufsen and as a graphic designer for large Dutch organizations.

The “language” of objects has always interested him. Hans Strijbos: “Good design is never completely finished. Artistic objects ask more questions than they answer. There is always something left that we do not understand, but have to undergo.”