Lartura presents VILLA, an iconic lamp

I am VILLA, made by hand in NL. Genuine Dutch Design. My body is harmonious and I give a beautiful light. Thanks to my light diffuser, I will never blind you. I am available in different sizes and colors. Here you can get to know me better.

Get to know VILLA


Lartura is a design studio in the Dutch design tradition, located in Almere. Lartura designs, produces and supplies designer lamps and lighting solutions for both residential and commercial interiors. What Lartura designs is handcrafted in small editions in our own studio.

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Light adds emotional value to space and furnishings. That is why Lartura likes to work with interior decorators, architects and professional decorators, who, in addition to form, also have an eye for the affective dimension of light. The unique qualities and possibilities of VILLA bring a project to unity and completion.



VILLA in fluorescent orange

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Just delivered a lamp in fluorescent acrylic glass. The choice for this color may seem unusual, but it was made very carefully. Here you see Lartura's Villa with a diameter…

Temptation from above

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There is always that surprise. How will a color work out? Because, the world of color is really different from that of space and form. Less predictable, more connected with…

VILLA in the Staatsliedenbuurt Amsterdam

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Two copies of VILLA have recently been hung above a robust wooden table in a traditional Amsterdam building in the Staatsliedenbuurt. This is the first time that we have installed…
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